Taking My Talent to the eSports Streets

Some people can throw 100 miles per hour, other people and can shoot a basketball from anywhere on the floor. I am not either of those people, thats for sure. What I can do is kick ass at NHL 2019 and I am officially taking my talents to the streaming world.

I mostly played the Franchise mode. I enjoyed the GM aspects of the game, drafting my team, trading and signing talent to build the best team year in and year out.  I started off playing on All-star difficulty, second from the hardest. After about a month or so, and a 60 win season, destroying teams in the playoffs I made the switch to superstar. Now this shit is hard, the computer hardly makes mistakes, they move the puck, don’t leave their positions on defense and make it really difficult to play a solid 60 minutes. As time went on, I found myself starting to really beat up on superstar teams, which in my previous years playing the NHL games I wasn’t able to do. Something was different this year. I started playing online matches in early November to see if I was actually any good.




Goal Differential 74

That record is good enough to be ranked 12th in the world for the month of November….



After getting some advice from a friend I have created a new gamer tag YoungBombayFS. Follow me along my journey here on Full Slate.

twitter – @youngbombay

instagram @youngbombay_fullslate

twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/youngbombay

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