TNF Week 7 Preview: Toilet Bowl Spectacular in the Desert



Line: Broncos @ Cardinals +1.5; O/U 42

Last week’s Thursday night game I declared the ‘Stay Away Special’ of the season from a gambling perspective. I feel the same way about tonight’s tilt between the Broncos and Cardinals, but in this instance I mean stay away from watching even a second of this one. There are better ways to contribute to society rather then watching this ultimate toilet bowl game. Maybe donate to charity or volunteer at a soup kitchen. Even just in the sports world there are more enticing options like ALCS Game 5 or Lakers-Blazers (this is my choice personally). However, for any degenerates who can’t resist wetting the beak on Thursday Night Football, here are a few trends to look at:

Your best chance in winning this one might be just closing your eyes and flipping a coin. Case Keenum has fallen back down to Earth after a career season with Minnesota in 2017. Arizona has Josh Rosen which makes them only slightly interesting to watch. If you really have an itch to bet this game take Denver. Von Miller talking shit makes me think the Denver defense is going to come out strong and give the rookie QB issues. I hope I’m lucky enough to not watch any of this game and hope you all are as well.

Prediction: Broncos 23 Cardinals 13

P.S: The real losers are anyone who spent money to go to this game.


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