Tums Preview of the Week – Bills @ Texans

I finally got off the shnide last week and brought home my first Tums Preview of the Week W. Many ESPN segments were dedicated to the Patriots’ demise after their 1-2 start, similar to the number of segments after my 0-2 start. True champions bounce back and we’re no different here at Full Slate. The losers fuel us because as the great (subpar coach actually) Mike Singletary once said, “We want winners!” Let’s do a quick review of last week’s winner.

Colts @ Patriots -10: Nervous about the Patriots, you say? Nervous no more. Julian Edelman returned and injected a shot of life back into this Patriots offense with 7 receptions for 57 yards. However, your stomach was surely turning if you tailed my Patriots pick when the Colts scored 14 unanswered points and cut the lead to only 7. Nightmares of book club leader, Andy Luck, leading the Colts to a backdoor cover started creeping into my mind. Just as things started looking bleak, enter Josh Gordon and Sony Michel. Our saviors. First win on the board. Eat that Andy you nerd (too harsh?). FINAL: Patriots 38 Colts 24. This is a 3/10 on the TUMS METER. Imagine this. You’re hungry, you eat two slices of pizza too fast, and then deal with about 15 minutes of heartburn. You burp and it’s gone and you’re all better. That little analogy was last week’s Tums game in a nutshell.

On to this week’s Tums Preview Game of the Week: the Buffalo Bills traveling to Houston to take on the Texans. Now, the Bills burned me in my first ever Tums Preview blog. Will they circle the wagons again and cover the double digit spread?

Bills @ Texans -10 

The Weekly Case for the Dog: How does Josh Allen circle the wagons?

  • Turnovers turnovers turnovers. After their atrocious start, this Bills team has  forced eight turnovers in their last three games, where they’ve gone 2-1!(?) Can they get a couple against this Texans team?
  • In their last three games, the Bills defense is only allowing a little over 13 points a game. Is that a defense you want to lay 10 points against?
  • DeShaun Watson will play Sunday’s game with his chest injury but this Texans team is coming in with A LOT of injuries. Look how lengthy this injury report is. On the other hand, the Bills actually have a healthy LeSean McCoy, who they’re certain to feed early and often if they want a chance on the road in Week 6.
  • Do you need a reminder of how Josh Allen played last time the Bills were double digit ‘dogs? 15-22 196 yards 1 passing TD through the air and an even more lethal, 10 carries for 39 yards and 2 rushing TDs. Allen will need to make some plays with those long legs of his (something the Stringbean knows all about) to cover the spread. Fun fact: Josh Allen is 4th out of all QB’s in the NFL in rushing yards. No, that’s not a typo.

OK, so I’ve laid out the Bills best chance here: Turnovers, defense keeps rolling, Texans injuries hurt them, and Josh Allen scurries around. Do I think this all can happen? Am I really about to tell all you loyal readers to bet on the Buffalo Bills? You’re absolutely right, Boom! This line should be closer to a TD. Has Vegas watched this Texans team play this year (they surely have)? Have they seen Bill O’Brien coach ever (for sure)? Do they know the Bills are coming in HOT (yep)? This is a first in the Tums Preview of the Week. I’m taking the underdog so I’ll certainly need a handful of Tums after the start of this one when I realize what I just did. Book it, ride with the Bills, and let’s circle those damn wagons, Bills Mafia!!


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