TNF Week 6: Stay the F*** Away

Line: Eagles @ Giants +1; O/U 44

Looking for a play for tonight’s game?

As a noted degenerate, even I will not bet on this game and this is someone who had action on Hawaii-Wyoming last weekend(Go Warriors!). However, I can’t even touch this one. Thursday night, Giants-Eagles, rain, Eli Manning; all the makings of a heartbreak special for whatever side you are on. I am officially declaring this game as my STAY AWAY SPECIAL of the season. This is like what happened in the Khabib-McGregor fight last weekend. For anyone in the stands when you saw that post fight brawl break out, did you run towards it? No, you got up and ran the fuck out of the arena before a Russia vs. Ireland war broke out. That’s how I feel about this one tonight in MetLife.

On one side you have the Eagles still gushing over the Philly special. For anyone who listened to our Sunday Scaries pod last week, you know how sick I am of hearing about this. Great, you ran a clever trick play that resulted in a touchdown. Not the first team to run a trick play in the Super Bowl (shout out Antwan Randle El) and certainly won’t be the last. This reminds of what you see in a Viagra commercial but in this instance it should say, “if you are still talking about the Philly special eight months later you should see a doctor.” The Eagles Super Bowl hangover is real and still throbbing as they are fortunate to have a 2-3 record this season. They barely escaped with wins over the Falcons and Colts, but have not been able to escape the injury bug. Jay Ajayi is the latest guy to go down as he’ll miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL. The Eagles will always have the Philly special to look back on with admiration but if they want to win games this season they’ll have to get their act together fast.

Now for the Giants, they aren’t off to the best of starts either. It only took OBJ a few weeks to get angry at the team’s lack of success and start pointing fingers. His ESPN interview with Lil Wayne by his side was certainly interesting to say the least (BTW, no way Lil Wayne was sober during this). Was anything he said in it untruthful? No probably not, Eli sucks and if you take the Manning off the back of his jersey there’s no question the Giants would have moved on from him years ago. However, to go out of your way to do an interview like that behind the team’s back is not a good look. For all his talents on the field, the Giants have to be wondering if the juice is worth the squeeze anymore with Odell. Between taking shots at Eli and the coaching staff, along with the outbursts on the sideline you have to wonder when the Giants will reach their tipping point. He’s in the discussion for best receiver in the NFL and his stats to this point in his career have been historic, but at some point it may be time to move on from OBJ.

So as stated earlier, stay away from this game. Its supposed to pour tonight at the game which makes this game even more unpredictable. Taking either of these teams will make you feel sick. Just enjoy the game laugh at Eli’s incompetence, stare in awe of Doug Pederson’s awful hair, and smile knowing you don’t have any money on this game.

Prediction: Who the fuck knows

P.S.: But if anyone is looking for a side to take, take the Eagles. The Giants are 2-8 SU and 3-7 ATS in their last 10 games at home.

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