Slippery Noodles – Week 3 DFS Plays

Welcome to the Slippery Noodle where we will be cooking up some of the hottest, spiciest DFS advice on the internet streets.  The idea of this article is to deliver compelling DFS advice to ultimately help you find some ideal targets to add to your lineups, and help put some money into your FanDuel account instead of seeing it bleed out week by week.  These articles will be constructed to help you place in tournaments, not 50/50’s or cash games.  For those new to DFS, I will break down the difference between the two in a later post.  I will identify a few Slippery Noodles, aka guys to stick in your lineup that will be low owned and give you a chance to steal some points.  Let’s kick things off by taking a look at some Week 3 targets that could help push you to the top of the leader boards.


Jared Goff, $7,600

Picking a good quarterback is essential to building a winning DFS lineup.  They are the foundation and linchpin of your lineup, and while they may not be the position that wins you a tournament, they can easily take you to the cleaners.  My philosophy on picking a quarterback is to take one with a very high floor.  I know what you are probably thinking, “Patrick Mahomes has thrown for 800 touchdowns in 2 games and Kirk Cousins is home against the Bills!” Don’t those guys have the highest floors? Yes, naive rookie DFS player, they do.  Another key part of placing in a tournament is to have a unique lineup and to pick players that others won’t have.  You want the guys that go off that nobody else has in their lineups, the guys you are usually thinking you wish you had taken by about 2:30pm EST.  Anyway, with some other solid QB options available, I think Goff will be fairly low owned and has a very high floor, with the potential to put up some big points.  The Chargers defense is struggling to defend the pass (lost in the debacle that was the Bills game last week, rookie Josh Allen did throw for 245 yards and a TD).  They are also the same team that Patrick Mahomes murdered via the pass 2 weeks ago.  The Rams are also home and pretty heavily favored, which usually plays to the advantage of the QB.  Goff isn’t the sexy pick, but he is 3rd in the NFL in total QBR, and personally nothing gets me hot and bothered quite like quarterback efficiency.  And while most of the attention goes towards Todd Gurley, people forget that a lot of that action comes from the pass, and you can clean up on those Goff points when Gurley rips off a 70 yard receiving TD.

Running Back

Saquon Barkley, $8,000

My thoughts change a little bit when it comes to running backs.  We’ll get to this a little bit later, but I think pushing the right buttons at wide receiver is where the real money is at.  However, it is important to have some solid RB’s in your lineup to build around.  The Giants are coming off an embarrassing loss on national TV to the Cowboys, where they couldn’t move the ball and their offensive line couldn’t protect Eli Manning against a pee-wee team pass rush.  To me, that spells low ownership for all Giants players.  Lost in that game was that Saquon Barkley caught 14 passes for 80 yards.  FOURTEEN.  You get a half point for each of those catches in FanDuel, and while it may not have been pretty, the point totals add up.  Barkley is clearly Eli Manning’s safety blanket and should be yours too for week 3.  On top of that, he is also a big play threat and is playing a Texans team that just lost to Blaine Gabbert.


Wide Receiver 

John Brown, $6,200

I mentioned it earlier, but I think wide receivers are the position that can really win you a tournament.  They have the most potential to break off a huge play at any point, and there’s always those random receivers each week that do it that you feel dumb for not owning them.  There are plenty of great wide receiver options this week, and while it’s important to take some of the big names, you also are required to pick 3 each week and you also get a flex option.  Seems like the best spot to take a flyer on someone in a good match up who will be low owned.  My target this week is John Brown.  Brown faces a Denver team that was shredded by Amari Cooper last week, and who quietly let Russell Wilson throw for 3 touchdowns in week 1 while everyone else was watching the Mahomes show.  When you combine Joe Flacco, and the most generic name of all time, Brown is probably the least sexy pick you can think of.  What is sexy, are targets and big play upside.  Brown gets a lot of volume and should see some looks as the #2 receiver on a team in a big bounce back game.  I’ll take Brown and his <2% ownership on the hopes that he can make the big play.

Tight End

Will Dissly, $4600

I’ll keep this one simple.  Dissly is cheap, home and playing against a team that struggles to defend tight ends.  Seattle is injured and limping into this game, and Russell Wilson will have to throw to somebody.  People are waiting for this guy to fade, but without Doug Baldwin I think he keeps getting fed.  At under $5k, that’s a slippery noodle.


Jacksonville Jaguars, $5,000

I know what you are thinking, they won’t be low owned and isn’t that the whole point of this post? When it comes to defense, I’m not one for taking too many risks.  I play the match ups and I think this week the Jags are actually in a position to be fairly low-owned by their standards.  Being the most expensive defense, I think most people will flock towards the Vikings and the Bears in prime match ups for less money, giving you the chance to get the best defense in the league at home against *fingers crossed* Blaine Gabbert, or at the very least, a banged up Marcus Mariota.

I hope everyone enjoyed their visit to the Slippery Noodle this week, and leaves feeling full and rich.

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